Eastern Suburbs Physiotherapy [ESP] is more than a physiotherapy clinic. It offers a range of holistic health care. Included in our services are:


Physiotherapy is a natural, drug-free approach that utilizes highly skilful manual techniques, specific exercise prescription and electrotherapy to restore you back to health. As they say, there is no substitute for experience. Chris Woodman, Cliff Woodward and Anne Woodward [The Woodies!] are very experienced physiotherapists [nearly 80 years between them!] who can help you in the following areas:

  • Spinal pain – those pains in the back and neck that spoil your day
  • Headaches – you could live without them! We offer a natural, drug-free treatment that works.
  • Sports injuries – we have managed the whole range of sports injuries and aim to get you back on track FAST.
  • Postural pain – poor posture leads to pain in the head, neck and back. Find out what you can do about it.
  • Work related injuries – we are registered providers under the Victorian WorkCover scheme and can provide ergonomic assessment and guidance.
  • Motor vehicle accidents – we are registered providers with the Transport Accident Commission and have dealt with hundreds of cases over the last 30 years
  • Neurological disorders – Anne Woodward has many years of experience working with neurological disorders, especially strokes. She works with some of Melbourne’s leading neurologists and has a special interest in Vestibular disorders
  • Rehabilitation – we are experienced in guiding you through your rehabilitation process on the way back to health and function.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Anne Woodward, a very experienced neurological physiotherapist, can help you with balance and dizziness problems

Headaches – Physio Management

The experienced physiotherapists at ESP have a particular interest in treating headaches. Headaches can come from many sources, but one of the commonest is from the neck. These types of headaches are often chronic and usually spoil your whole day. They often don’t respond very well to medication and certainly are not cured by medication. Headaches originating in the neck are very responsive to physiotherapy management. Physiotherapy treatment is gentle, natural and effective. It focuses on restoring proper mobility to the joints and muscles in the neck and often involves correcting faulty posture that leads to the problem in the first place. It does not involve vigorous manipulation (cracking) of the neck, which can be both risky and unhelpful in the treatment of headaches. Stress and tension are very common contributors to headaches and these factors can be greatly helped by Kinesiology and Meditation, both of which are available at ESP.


Cliff Woodward is a member of the Australian Kinesiology Association [AKA] and has been practising Kinesiology for the last 10 years. Kinesiology is a very safe and powerful modality for restoring our organism to a state of optimum balance when stress of any kind has pushed it out of kilter. It can help you with any stress-related unwellness.


Is provided by James Yatomi-Clarke and Karen Ferguson, experienced myotherapists who can help you to untie those knots in the muscles.

Personal Training

Edmund Ow is an experienced personal trainer and teacher of martial arts/Qui Gong. He can help you set up a training or maintenance programme to suit you and is especially interested in helping older adults. Visit his website at


Cliff Woodward conducts Way Of Peace Meditation classes every Tuesday evening from 6.30 to 7.15. Meditation is a wonderful way to reduce your stress level and better manage your emotional energies. Beginners are always welcome. Gold coin donation, all proceeds donated to charity.

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